Corporate Leadership In The Wake Of Covid

COVID-19 had a devastating impact on the world. Entire countries shut down and businesses were forced to close or convert to remote work. Since the seemingly endless days of quarantine, there have been vaccines, controversy, and new viral variants to worry the world once again.

People had unprecedented autonomy. As things slowly returned to normal, many didn’t want to give up their freedom and independence since it was shown their job could effectively be done from home or through a hybrid office. 

Employees taxed the resources and patience of corporate leadership with many choosing to resign rather than go back to the status quo. Many corporations still use outdated leadership methods to deal with the new era of employees. We’ll examine how corporate leadership changed following the pandemic and how you must change to meet the new paradigm.

The New Communication

Companies worried about how they would communicate with employees during the pandemic. While it was a rough beginning, zoom meetings became the norm, and reliance on systems such as Slack, Monday, and ClickUp kept the corporate wheels turning. 

Without personal contact, water cooler conversations, and other interactions both personal and managerial, leadership worried morale and work would suffer. While it left some disconnected from their workforce, many were glad to slough off daily meetings and water cooler gossip in exchange for ordered and efficient communication.

Today’s leaders need to understand that systems such as Monday and other alternative methods of transparency are the norm. It creates a more efficient work environment both for leadership and employees.

Lost of Trust Among Employees

Layoffs are part of every corporate job when times get tough. The pandemic put an unprecedented stranglehold on the economy that is still felt two years later. Corporations and businesses throughout the world required massive layoffs and furloughs because everything was at a standstill.

The government stepped in to help but much of that aid is over. Corporations need those employees back, but they’re not returning. They feel betrayed by their employees who cut them off at the worst possible time. It also gave them time to reflect on their job choices and they may not want to come back to their original position.

Today, countless businesses are forced to close early or reduce hours because they’re short-staffed. Corporations aren’t just people making $200,000 a year, but also the boots-on-the-ground employees in satellite offices and franchises.

Leadership must understand their plight and regain their trust. It’s not management against employees. We’re in this together and we need to create a holistic approach to leadership.

Power to the Employees

The traditional leadership methods won’t work anymore as employees take back the bargaining chips. They no longer sit back and take orders; they want concessions and leadership must make them…to a point!

There is a fine line between creating a better workplace environment and being taken advantage of. The key is rebuilding the trust and connection that was lost during the pandemic. This isn’t an easy task, and it will take some rethinking of current leadership roles and employees interests.

One of the biggest changes will be listening to your employees. The old model of corporate communication was formal and top-down. The upper management dealt with middle management, and they sent the info to employees.

Today, communication needs to be more informal and conversational. Employees need personal and direct communication. This helps build trust and authenticity from the leadership. It shows that they’re not people living in an ivory tower but they care about their employees.

Employees Want a Say

When the leadership makes a decision, whether it’s the CEO or middle management, it impacts every employee working for them. Covid-19 gave employees freedom over their schedules, their workplace, and everyday decisions. They may come back to the office, but the mindset of being involved is still vibrant.

They want hybrid workplaces, affordable childcare in the business, and they want a say in what happens to them. If you involve employees in the decision-making process, it shows transparency and creates a “brand ambassador” feel to your employees. They’re not just workers, but people involved with the direction of the company.

It goes a long way towards creating trust between management and the employees.

Regain Trust Through Solidarity

Many companies don’t have a clear plan for the future, and this leaves employees worried about their jobs and the direction of the company. The new leadership model creates an agenda that is shared with the employees. Working at the ground level to assure your teams that management keeps them in mind while constructing business strategies is essential.


It gives the employees something to work towards besides just a paycheck. They’re also involved in the creation of this vision, which gives them a personal attachment. The company no longer feels like an unfeeling entity, but a place they’re proud to work at. 

Synergy Business Teaches Leadership Skills

Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. They learn proper management techniques and apply them to the workplace. Sadly, not many leaders learn everything they need on the job. They require training and our core curriculum creates leaders.

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By going through our leadership program, you learn the importance of communication and how to treat the people around you. It’s not only good for the workplace but all aspects of your life.

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The Future Is in Your Hands

America and the world are just now getting back to some semblance of normalcy. Building leadership and regaining employee trust is not going to be easy. Employees have different goals and values following the pandemic.

Synergy Business prides itself on a corporate leadership curriculum that prepares you for the rigors of today’s workplace. Leaders are the backbone of a company, and they need the trust of their employees. You can attain that and much more through our professional development program.

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