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Our Approach

The challenge in organizational leadership: development efforts has been that the approach or focus is to equip its leaders with “how-to’s” and a myriad of guidelines and procedures while overlooking certain key factors that are at the root of powerful leadership:

Context is key.

Brilliant leaders in certain organizations don’t necessarily excel or produce similar results in other organizations. The challenge for each of us is to have a deep awareness of our personal context and the impact this has on the organization and our leadership capacity. The programs at Synergy are designed to focus on the individual as well as organizational context and support individuals, departments, and teams in aligning under a single vision powerfully.

The experiential component.

Leadership-development programs are often tailored as didactic lectures with some exercises inserted throughout. A cadre of research indicates that human beings retain approximately 10% of what they hear in classroom lectures versus 66% of when they “learn by doing” or experiential work. Between 50-75% of our program content is experiential and, therefore, designed to have a lasting, real-life application for the leaders.

Human beings run your organization.

The single most important component to understanding great leadership is getting connected to the underlying mind-sets that each of us brings to our everyday life. Our programs aim directly at uncovering what the underlying assumptions are that each person brings every day and at every moment. At the same time, the programs focus on how to deal powerfully in a collective of diverse mind-sets.

Results are the ultimate measure of leadership.

Synergy programs are not simply “feel-good” or “positive thinking” in nature. We work with the organization’s leadership to monitor the business impact after a program is completed in order to improve results and effect a lasting shift within the organization.

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