A healthy workplace is the key to sustained performance.

Providing Tools to Live and Lead with Greater Impact

Our evidence-based training curriculum improves employee fulfillment and loyalty, talent retention, day-to-day productivity, and increases revenue.

We work with people because your organization is people. We go beyond incremental improvement and work from the inside out. Leading organizations outperform not only with differentiated products and services but with empowered employees. Working with us gives you an edge in your industry and creates highly effective team management and more seamless execution.

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The Synergy Difference.

Our approach is founded in unique experiential learning components with practical application. Studies have shown participants retain only 10% of what they learn in traditional learning situations vs. 66% in experiential learning situations.

How do you quantify EQ and why does it matter? Does increasing EQ increase results? With AI tackling more and more of our IQ work, EQ is emerging as critical for the future. Front of the room didactic, lecture-based approaches are limited in achieving this outcome.

Our training approach produces visible, high, lasting, and immediate ROI.

Our Offerings

We offer 6 customizable leadership programs to fit your budget and time constraints while achieving the impact you want. We have 3 levels of powerful leadership programs, a 2-day intensive retreat, a half-day foundation workshop, and executive or group, results-based coaching.

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