Innovation is a process, not an event.

Our Offerings

How will you ensure that your leaders and staff are high performers who flourish? At Synergy, we provide a framework for integrating the powerful principles of leadership into everyday practices. This allows for an organization to be nimble, proactive, and adaptive to change.

We train your leaders in learning to learn, learning to be curious, and learning to lead from a place of inquiry. Our programs are exciting, engaging, and we create a safe space for inquiry and growth.

Synergy’s 3 phases of evidence-based Leadership Programs implement change and focus on sustainability. This is not about magic or unrealistic hopes – this is about gaining the tools to lead with tangible and measurable impact.

Leadership Program - Phase 1

We are experts when it comes to results-oriented programs that consistently produce high-performance leaders and teams. Our approach to leadership is experiential, transformational, and successful. Attendees create lasting impact and their own personal brand of leadership.

Leadership Program - Phase 2

We have learned that understanding the right responses to specific situations, rather than theoretical “how-to’s”, better prepares each participant for the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day work.

Leadership Program - Phase 3

While all 3 phases are different and build momentum, they each include our foolproof 4 key focus points that, when used cohesively, result in organized and sustainable leadership.

Leadership Transformation Retreat

Our retreat is a series of masterfully conceived and executed discussions – always delivered with heart. Attendees develop powerful, personal, and transformational insights through a combination of experiential exercises, profound exploration of distinctions, feedback from the leaders and coaches, and interactions with other participants.

Leadership Fundamentals

Attendees are trained in the language of transformation and leave with key distinctions that bring power, clarity, and partnership to each day. They inquire into the ‘gaps’ in their leadership (not right or wrong) and understand how to step into those gaps more effectively.

Executive Coaching

You will create more consistent and authentic leadership with your teams and other organizational leaders. You will elevate your communication skills that impact all of the major issues at hand and become unstoppable in your vision for the future.


It costs 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them.


Employees are 3 times as likely to explore their options if they don’t feel supported.


Companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable.

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