Global Digital Intelligence Company

When SBA began working with this Global Digital Intelligence Company, they had approximately 250 employees. Employees were primarily located in Israel, with about 1/3 in the US, and then some in Europe and APAC. Over the course of the 5-year engagement, they’ve grown from a 250-person company to more than 800. They recently went public with an evaluation of $2.5B, which is significant growth from where they were 5 years ago.


Initially SBA was brought to work with their team of C-Suite Executives. They were struggling with how the current organizational structure had created silos within the company that impeded effective cross collaboration. They also were not sure that everyone on the Executive Team was the right fit – they’d been growing quickly, and fissures were appearing. They had done some work around the company vision and mission, but it wasn’t living powerfully throughout the organization. Not everyone was aligned with it, or enrolled into it. At the time results (in general) weren’t the problem – they were growing impressively. Their challenge was how to maintain growth at speed, while navigate the inter-personal tensions, rooted in a lack of transparency and trust within the organization.


The first engagement was to work with the Executive Team from the America’s. We began with our Leadership Program, Level 1. This was a 3-4 month long engagement including 6 training days (3 workshops, 2 days each), where Executive Coaching sessions were provided in between the face-to-face workshops upon request. The focus of the session was to clarify and find alignment across each leader’s personal, department, and organizational goals. Having the full buy-in and support by the CEOs across the company was critical for the program to be taken-up fully by employees, allowing them to yield maximum benefits, and help contribute towards the organization’s incredible growth.

We then proceeded to deliver the same Leadership Program, Level 1 to the VP and Director Levels. These trainings were held in Israel with the leaders attending from around the world. We trained everyone on 3 different Leadership Program levels over the course of 2 years. The culture evolved powerfully to one of trust, transparency, partnership, and positivity.

Simultaneously, we trained the Executive Team in their own Leadership Program, Level 1 and continued to present day with bi-annual Executive Meeting training sessions.



  • The company actually survived because of the work we did with their Executive Team.
  • This amazing accomplishment of going public at such an evaluation, was only possible because of our partnership with Synergy.

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